The Halt



The Halt is a part of Regal Emporia, a destination of desire that infuses the best of modern living - be it shopping, entertainment, fine dinning, movies or smart accommodation - With smartly appointed rooms, a centrallly air conditioned ambience and amenities like concierge, business facilities, club, gym, cafe and 24x7 convenience stores, Regal Emporia is exceptionally located and exquistely styled. It comprehensively redefines and elevates the way we work, play and stay. It's a fine mixture of luxury, opulence and functional needs and truly meant to elevate your lifestyle altogether at a different level. 

For the intelligent investor, The Halt - serviced by Golden Tulip, known globally for their exceptional traditions in personalized hospitality - presents a platinum opportunity to be a part, of one of today's quickest growing market segments - by owning'a slice of a hotel in a part of the city that's fast becoming the btalk of the town. Run it as a hi-yield venture. Add it to your existing hospitality business. Hedge it as a solid addition to your investment portfolio.